[mythtv-users] Guide data problems

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon Dec 20 15:35:44 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,

I've got a rather annoying problem with the guide data.  I live in Canada, and 
use datadirect to download the data.

Here is my understanding of how the guide data works:

After the database is initially filled, mythfilldatabase will run everyday and 
do the following:

Download data for days that have never been downloaded before (which tends to 
be 13 days away.
Refresh data for today and tomorrow.

The problem is that the 13-day away data is often incomplete, and is not  
refreshed until the day before.  If I sit down to plan my programming once a 
week, then I will often miss stuff, or have conflicts that I don't know 

Would it be possible to refresh the data for day d somewhere between d-13 and 
d -1, say on d-8?  I suppose that this would increase the load on the 
datadirect servers somewhat.


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