[mythtv-users] Cannot view recorded files

bull at gentoo.se bull at gentoo.se
Mon Dec 20 11:14:15 UTC 2004

I suppose that I have missed something simple, but here goes.

After installation of MythTV I have almost everthing to work, tv, music,
DVD, weather, news etc
I'm also able to program and record tv-shows and after recording there a
new file is created with date and time that corresponds to start/stop time
for the programmed recording.
The file has the extension .nuv, I can't say that I recognise that
extension but I suppose it's correct.
But when I try to view the recording the GUI says that there are no

What have I missed, do I have to set up transcoding? I thought thar was
optional? Is there something in setup that I have set up wrong?

Please help me on this one.


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