1394 and compressing analog Re: [mythtv-users] Beginner Question

jgvp jgvp at cogeco.ca
Mon Dec 20 06:09:19 UTC 2004

I want to thank you, Brad, for shedding some light on what has been 
plaguing me for months in attempting to get my head around this HDTV 
via satellite process. Oh, I have a HDTV set with a STB HD receiver and 
it has just been a matter of buying the HD LCD RPTV set, the HD 
receiver, and paying the monthly dues, and that was all that I bothered 
about until a friend introduced me to building a DIY LCD projector. 
Trying to figure out why it wasn't a simple matter of connecting the 
STB receiver to a HTPC and the projector had for a time presented what 
appeared to be an insurmountable problem and I couldn't reason why. I 
don't know how Myth will fit into my plans, but then I haven't been 
around here too long and there's obviously a lot to learn. You have at 
least helped me over the first hurdle for which I am truly grateful. 

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