[mythtv-users] CPU Performance Weirdness and Solution...

Poul Petersen petersp at mail.alleft.com
Mon Dec 20 06:04:13 UTC 2004

	I've recently built a new frontend machine and almost immediately noticed
that it seemed to be under performing. It was most definitely strange because I have
two almost identically configured machines:

  XP 2200+, 256MB, RedHat 9, (2) WinTV Radio cards
  XP 2100+, 256MB, FC1, (2) WinTV Radio cards

	I have the software capture setup for MPEG4 at 480x480. On the 
MBe, a single recording was using about %25 of the CPU. On the new
frontend, a single recording was using %50 of the CPU! I checked a lot
of things including the RAM, hdparm settings, and even the OS version
( I happened to have another hard-drive with a completely configured
front end on it running RedHat 9, so it was an easy test). 

	This evening however, I had reason to open the case (the box
is "involved" with the entertainment center) and so I took the opportunity
to wire up a floppy drive and flash the BIOS. And...

	... A single recording now uses about %30 of the CPU. Just thought
I would share this "problem+solution" with everyone else...

	BTW, the SBe motherboard is a Giga-Byte 7VRXP...


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