[mythtv-users] Maintaining different profiles on one machine

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Mon Dec 20 05:12:57 UTC 2004

Not sure if this or something like it has been posted here before, but
I thought I'd share.  If there's a better way to accomplish this short
of making a code change, I'd rather use that.

I've run into this problem that I'd like to have different profiles on
a single machine, the main difference being that I want one windowed
at 800x600 and another full screen at 1280x1024.  So, after trolling
through the config code for a while, I noticed that it reads several
mysql.txt files in order, keeping the most recent value for a
particular key.  The last one happened to be the CWD, so I did the
following to duplicate the profile in preparation for my changes:

(1) mkdir ~/.mythtv/fullscreen

(2) Make a file ~/.mythtv/fullscreen/mysql.txt with just

(3) Log into the mythconverg database and execute the following query:

  INSERT INTO settings SELECT value,data,'myhostname-fullscreen'
  AS hostname FROM settings WHERE hostname='myhostname';

This essentially duplicates all the settings from myhostname to
myhostname-fullscreen.  (Note: Be careful making changes directly to
the database.  In general, it's not a good idea to execute SQL you
don't understand.)

(4) cd ~/.mythtv/fullscreen && mythfrontend

Then, make whatever changes you want.  This profile will be used
whenever you execute mythfrontend from within ~/.mythtv/fullscreen.

The only remaining problem is that ~/.mythtv/themecache entries seem
to be deleted whenever the local profile changes.  This will probably
take a code change to fix.  Of course, what I'd really like is a
command line argument that allows me to set the profile name without
resorting to a hack like this.  If Isaac is open to this, I will
produce one.


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