[mythtv-users] MythTV noob

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Dec 19 11:36:47 UTC 2004

> My newby question is therefore whether if I plug the coax 
> cable connection 
> into a P350 (the solution I will likely be taking), does it 
> pass a clean feed 
> through to the TV.
> If not, what sort of wiring tricks do I need to do to make 
> sure that my TV 
> tuner is not shunted into obscurity?

As usual, everything here is my personal opinion, your milage may vary. 

I dont have a 350 but I know the 250 does not do passthru. I doubt the 350
does either. You would have to use a rf splitter ahead of the capture card
and then feed a differeent input on the tv with the split signal. This would
cause you to lose the ability to pause live tv and make switching between tv
and myth a more complicated situation than needed. (Read, low wife
acceptance factor)

I would go with a 250 and 350 as my pair of cap cards if you really want to
use the 350 for output. I think they finally have the 350 out stabilized to
the point that its useful. The 350 is not up to the task of playing fast
games if you have any thoughts of going that route.  If you are not in a
huge hurry you might also want to think about waiting for the 150 support to
stabilize. They are quite a bit cheaper than the 250's.

Good luck.

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