[mythtv-users] nuvexport question

Erik Karlin e_karlin at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 19 05:57:36 UTC 2004

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 02:49:58PM -0800, Rob Walker wrote:
> nuvexport is a lifesaver!
> I couldn't (haven't yet) figure out the transcoding setup, so I started 
> looking at nuvexport.
> I use nuvexport on every single recording, to move them to my laptop and watch 
> them there on the road (commute, at work, whatever).
> However, the output naming conventions are causing me troubles.  Is there any 
> plan in the works to change it from output-filename.ext, o-f.1.ext, 
> o-f.2.ext, ad nauseum?
> I would like to have an output something like "Rob Black and Your 
> Money-20041218-1004-1000.1030.asf"
> Would this be useful to anyone else?
> rob

I have patched my local nuvexport that fills in the date of the
recording as a subtitle if the subtitle isn't there, instead of
'Untitled'.  I needed this so I could export more than one Next at CNN
episodes at a time. From your example above, it looks like you are
putting the channel, startime and endtime into the filename too. I
haven't seen a need for that myself, but I guess that could be done too.
I record lots of shows that don't have  subtitles, so this is quite necessary.

I also have two more modifications...one restores the space after the
minus sign between title and subtitle as it's supposed to be, and the
other adds a cmd arg to save the description of the show into a .txt
file so when I finally get mythburn going, I'll be all set. I used to
export the show to vcd, then export the nuv/sql, and delete the nuv
file, but all I was interested in was the description.

Dunno if anyone is interested in patches.

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