[mythtv-users] Preformance issues with the internal player

Joakim Kolsjö trejje at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 03:21:43 UTC 2004


I've tryed to look in old mails about the internal player but i can't
get much out of them... is the cvs version of mythtv more effective
(especially for sound) than the current?

The internal player only plays movies at around 2200 kbit live,
probably a little bit more from a recording. When i try to play 4400
kbit files normally (internal), i get allot of sound skips. When using
mplayer on the same files they play perfectly.

I've tryed to run the frontend as root, and as suid, but non-suid
seems to work best. There does not seem to be any real quaility limit
for the video playback in the internal player but it keeps chopping up
the sound (with the extra buffering option on it lags the video

* P3-500, 256 sdram, PVR 250 and a quite new/fast hd with dma switched on.
* Using gentoo with mmx/sse in my USE variable when i compiled
mplayer, mythtv, and so on (especially needed to make dvd playing work
* Mythtv 0.16

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