[mythtv-users] Re: Mythbackend keeping files open, disk space not being freed

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Dec 19 00:26:07 UTC 2004

Brad Templeton wrote:
> does the frontend just magically check the NFS filesystem first to
> see if it can read the file directly before asking the server to stream
> it?


> How does this work if the frontend is also a slave backend, as I will
> probably do because I want to insert a pvr-250 in it to give me remote
> control and ability to record from my satellite box, whose cable runs to
> the TV-room and not the master backend's room.

The master backend runs the schedule. If you have video source 2
for your satellite and it's input is on card 2, any shows from
that source will be assigned to card 2 in the TV-room. RecordFilePrefix
for the slave host determines where the encoder will write. If that
is a local disk (advisable) it will write there but if the path
is on an NFS share (network bandwidth and potentially less reliable)
it will write to the NFS disk. Presumably, it would mount the
same directory as the master so the files from both systems
are in the same dir.

When any frontend (master host, slave host, or frontend only) is
asked to playback a file, it first looks for a RecordFilePrefix for
the local hostname. If the file is there it simply opens the file.

If not, it asks the master backend. If the master finds it's file
or if the setup option "Master Backend Override" is set and it finds
the file (even if the hostname is different in the recorded table)
the master will stream the file. Otherwise, the master will tell
the frontend the hostname to connect to for the slave to stream
the file. If the slave is not running it would report file not

--  bjm

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