[mythtv-users] OT: Dual Channel DDR

Joseph Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 18 20:19:22 UTC 2004

Anthony Vito wrote:
>>>Dual channel is a motherboard feature.  There is no difference between
>>>buying a "dual channel" memory kit or buying two sticks seperately, not
>>>physically at least.  
> Correct, I don't know what the other guy up there is talking about......
>>>THe only distinction that the kits have besides
>>>higher price is that the memory in these  kits are tested by the
>>>manufacture to ensure the memory will work together.
> I'm not convinced even most of the dual channel kits are tested. I
> think most manufactures take a "Dell" stance on these. They just
> package and sell, and if people complain they replace them. It's
> cheaper then testing.
>>My understanding was that dual-channel needed at least PC3200 RAM (400
> Why would dual channel need a certain speed? Think about it. Dual
> channel just means two pipes to the memory controller, each capable of
> a single "channel" worth of bandwidth. You could have memory in dual
> channel run at 1 Mhz. It would be faster then a single channel at 1
> Mhz... but honestly, who cares.
>>the difference in price is probably due to the fact that if you're
>>not running in dual-channel mode most mobos fall back to PC2700 speeds
> Most mainboards? name one. "Most mainboards" will be able to run
> memory at higher speeds ( and overclock higher ) if they only use 1
> stick of memory. And you _will_ run in dual channel if you put a stick
> of memory in each channel slot and the system detects it all.
>>so if you're not running dual-channel there's no point in
>>buying the more expensive PC3200 RAM.  The fact that you need 2x sticks
>>of identical RAM for dual channel does not add as much to the price as
>>the difference between PC2700/PC3200.
> I would preach the opposite.. If you don't have dual channel, or
> aren't going to run in it ( put all the RAM on the first channel..
> it's not a BIOS selection..) , you better get the fastest memory your
> system supports ( which you really should do anyway )... There is
> nothing that slows a brand new multi-thousand dollar gaming system
> more then skimping on the main memory.

Ah, I guess you're right... I was going by my mobo, which has onboard 
gfx; the FSB for RAM is 400 MHz (dual-channel), but if you use the 
onboard gfx it will only do 333 MHz single-channel.  Hence my confusion.


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