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Phil Bridges phil at gravityhammer.com
Fri Dec 17 20:13:25 UTC 2004

> Greetings,
> I originally posted this on the ivtv-devel list but there's not much
> activity there so I decided to try here.
> I just purchased some new hardware and am building a MythTV box based on
> Jarod Wilson's HOWTO at http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php.  I've
> gotten
> to the portion of the HOWTO, after installing the ivtv stuff using
> apt-get,
> where I send a test signal to the TV-Out of the PVR-350.  When I do that
> all
> I see on the TV is snow.  I moved on to the next step to see if I could
> record and view the signal coming in on my cable line into the FM
> connector
> and again all I got was snow.
> After digging around a bit on Google I found http://ivtv.no-ip.com and
> read
> the part about checking the tuner version on the newer cards...in case I
> needed to patch for a new tuner.  I checked mine and it is "47", and the
> drivers and kernel versions that got pulled down from apt-get seem to
> recognize it just fine.  So I'm not sure I need the patch.
> I'm running Fedora Core 3 with the 2.6.9-1.681_FC3 kernel.
> Anyway...I'm wondering where to go from here.  I'm much more comfortable
> using and compiling things on OpenBSD (great for firewalls, not so great
> for
> MythTV).  I've not used linux much but I imagine once I get used to where
> everything is I'll be alright.  I'm just not sure where to start to try
> and
> resolve this.
> Do I need to be on a certain channel on the TV to see the test pattern?  I
> tried flipping around some but never saw it.  Do I need to set something
> on
> the PVR-350 that tells it to output to channel 3 for example?
> I'm posting the INIT IVTV section from the messages log.  Any help or
> suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Matt
> ****IVTV Log Clipped****

What I would recommend, first of all, is to rule out setting up the
tv-out.  Pluag a monitor in to your video card, and take out the tv-out
directions.  That was, you can make sure it's ivtv that's giving you
issues, and not the tv-out.

Have you tried to record a bit of programming by dumping the video input
to a file?  Can you view this?  To change channels on the tuner card for
this procedure, use ptune.pl .

To view the 350's TV-out on a TV, your TV should be set to an input, not a

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