[mythtv-users] aspect ratio wrong in xine screen shot

mielikki-ivtv mielikki-ivtv at westbrook.com
Fri Dec 17 20:18:44 UTC 2004

I record video with mythtv off my PVR-350. When I play it back in xine 
it looks fine, but when I tell xine to take a screen shot, it comes out 

When I play it back in xine with "automatic" aspect ratio, it seems to 
play in the 4:3 aspect ratio. If I set the aspect ratio to "square" it 
looks squished. If I set the aspect ratio to "4:3" it looks good. No 
matter what aspect ratio I set it to, when I tell xine to take a 
snapshot, it comes out squished (like it does in the "square" aspect ratio).

I'm wondering if the Setup > TV Settings > Recording Profiles > MPEG , 
Encoders > Default > Width & Height settings have something to do with 
it. I think they are at the defaults, but I have no idea what they 
should be or how they would affect things:

   == Image Size ==
   Width: 480
   Height: 480
   == Video Compression ==
   Stream Type: MPEG-2 PS
   Aspect Ratio: 4:3
   Bitrate: 4500
   Max. Bitrate: 6000
   == Audio Quality ==
   Sampling Rate: 32000
   Type: Layer II
   Bitrate: 384kbs
   Volume (%): 50

Are those all good for the PVR-350?

FWIW, When I use nuvexport to do the mpeg2cut, it reports the video size 
is 720x480 MPEG. So, I'm thinking of changing the image size settings in 
myth to 720x480, but I'd just be twiddling a knob with no understanding 
about what I am doing.

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