[mythtv-users] TV Output

Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Fri Dec 17 11:55:21 UTC 2004

Tom Hughes wrote:

>In message <1e71196a041217013116c9fd02 at mail.gmail.com>
>        Stephen Williams <stephen.gw at gmail.com> wrote:

>>Take a look at the following sites for details:
>>Personally I went for the last site listed. This will give you RGB
>>output to the TV, you can just output the raw interlaced DVB-T signal
>>(no de-interlacing required) and each horizontal line of pixels
>>generated by your vid card will map natively to a scan line on the TV.
>I was looking at the nexusuk circuit, but the sput.nl one looks
>the same anyway. Time to pay Maplins a visit I think...
Could someone with more experience tell me something - I am cautious of 
building a VGA -> SCART converter, but perhaps I do not need to be. It 
has always concerned me that I might send a signal that is WAY out of 
range down the wire (frequency, voltage etc), and damage some aspect of 
the TV.

Is this possible? The TV is a reasonably recent 32" widescreen.

How does the TV handle the text-mode signal? Does it sync well enough to 
be displayed before X kicks in, or is the boot-sequence hidden?

Is there a site where I can read-up on this type of issue?

Many thanks for any answers.

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