[mythtv-users] Consecutive programs, dual tuners

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 00:22:38 UTC 2004

> I'm pretty sure you can put a negative value in for start early to
> effectively start late.  

Thanks - I'll give that a go.

> One of the things on my list of things to look
> at is allowing the scheduler to start recording overlapping programs if
> the overlap ends within X minutes of the start of the program that
> normally would not have been recorded to account for those 1-2 minute
> over-runs that NBC and ABC seem to like to do now.

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you're proposing here. Could you
please elaborate? One suggestion I have on this would be to combine
the 2 programs into a single recording and provide some functionality
to allow them to be cut into 2 later on when watching it. That may all
be a bit hard, though. It's a difficult one, this one, because you end
up having to watch the end of one program by finding and viewing the
start of the next one that followed it. On a VCR that doesn't matter
because everything's recorded serially on tape. In the PVR world this
becomes more of a problem.

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