[mythtv-users] X over PVR-350

dave davedog at mac.com
Thu Dec 16 21:11:00 UTC 2004

I think I am running into this problem (x grabbing 99% of my cpu and 
not outputting anything) and while I don't have my Myth box in front of 
me at the moment, I'm sort of confused and thus `I do have a couple of 
questions, silly as they might be.

It's stated below that the ivtv driver only supports one device. Does 
this mean that I physically have to remove my monitor and card from the 
machine or does it mean can only run X on one piece of hardware at a 

Next regarding John's statement:
"Changing the fcdev option to ivtv fixes that problem": are we talking 
in xorg.conf here?

Is it ok to mix and match ivtvdev_drv.o and ivtv modules? Or should 
they both be from the same version. It's not really that big of a deal 
to do another make, but I ivtv's not crashing on me at the moment, 
which is a big step, so I'd like to only change what is necessary.

Lastly John when you have a new version of the driver, where might that 
show up? It seems there are two ivtv trees. Chris's tree and the main 
ivtv branch on sourceforge.



On Dec 13, 2004, at 11:42 PM, John Harvey wrote:

> Great.
> I've been thinking about simplifying all of this. Ivtv only supports 
> one
> output device at the moment so I think we can remove all the Busid and 
> fbdev
> options and let X figure out for itself which device to use.
> Hopefully I can get a new simpler less error prone version out this 
> week.
> John
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>> Ah, that it very likely the reason for the problem in my case. Thanks 
>> for
>> figuring this out, John.
>> From: "John Harvey" <john.p.harvey at btinternet.com>
>>> There was a bug introduced that caused it to always use /dev/fb0 so 
>>> if
>> your
>>> fb device was something else then it could have this effect. 
>>> Changing the
>>> fbdev option to ivtv fixes that problem.
>>> I will be creating a new ivtv driver to fix this problem and check 
>>> the
>>> device properly in the near future.
>>> john
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>>>> I found that the latest version of ivtvdev_drv.o would cause X to 
>>>> hog
>>>> 99% of the CPU and not output anything. I ended up reverting to a
>>>> version from October 16, which is 17902 bytes.
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