[mythtv-users] Can Myth be all I want it to be?

Mark L. Cukier mark at pemicro.com
Thu Dec 16 18:32:46 UTC 2004

You might find the pundit a little small for all that hardware. 1 3.5" 
drive, 1 5.25" drive, scant PCI options... it's an attractive case but 
not for the workhorse you're looking to build. A better option might be 


It has a really slick look, and fits perfectly into MY hometheatre 
setup. (beware, it may be a little deep for some setups). It has nice 
construction, and plenty of room for exapansion.

I'm still struggling to get the DVI output of my nVidia GeForce FX5200 
working... however, I've heard that many can. I've also heard that many 
users have better luck with the ATI cards in regards to DVI output... 
though I can't speak to that.

As for everything else you're looking for, it seems to me that Myth can 
do it all, and with style! :-)

Good luck,

Brent Olson wrote:

>I want a Myth box, but first:  Can MythTv meet my requirements?
>1)  DVI Output to a projector at 1280x720p
>2)  HDTV OTA recording
>3)  Web Surfing
>4)  Picture Viewing
>5)  Once setup by me, easy to use and pretty to show off
>6)  10/100 network
>7)  Wireless remote for normal functions (tv, dvd)
>8)  Wireless keyboard/mouse for browsing
>9)  Very quiet operation
>10) DVD progrssive playback upconverted to 1280x720p
>11) Dolby Digital 5.1 output (digital optical or coaxial)
>12)  Be able to record 8+ hours of HDTV and 5.1 audio
>So I have the PCHDTV-3000 card.  Which video card to get that
>will work with Mythtv and be able to output everything via the
>DVI port at 1280x720p?
>What case to put all this in?  I'd prefer it NOT look like
>a pc.  Will the ASUS Pundit work for all the hardware?
>Motherboard?  Amount of RAM?  Processor?  Disk space?  How much disk space does
>HDTV + 5.1 audio use? 1 hour = XX gigs?
>Budget?  Under $2K should be doable for this, right?
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