[mythtv-users] Latest CVS and auto-expire issue

Don Cramer don at donstoys.com
Thu Dec 16 07:18:55 UTC 2004

Upgraded to the latest cvs 12/14/04 and then 12/15/04 and auto-expire no longer works.

The backend log shows this..

2004-12-16 02:04:14.493 Running AutoExpire: Want 5 Gigs free but only have 3.
2004-12-16 02:04:14.516 AutoExpiring: Everybody Loves Raymond Fri Dec 10 23:30:00 2004 525 MBytes
2004-12-16 02:04:14.516 WARNING: Not enough space freed, only 3 Gigs free but need 5.

When the space gets to 0 free, and i try to delete something, frontend sits there and eventually times out (unable to contact backend error). I have to reboot the machine and then I'm able to delete shows to free up space.

The reported backend version is 

2004-12-16 00:44:03.427 mythbackend version: 0.16.20041207-1 www.mythtv.org

which i download on the 14th and then again on the 15th (cvs).

Auto-expire worked perfect till I updated to the latest cvs.

Any thoughts..?

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