[mythtv-users] MythTVMediaCenter theme and OSD updated

Nathan Howell nathan at crapbox.org
Thu Dec 16 05:53:54 UTC 2004

* Jason Gabriele <jason.gabriele at gmail.com> [2004-12-15 21:24]:
> Weird, another person is reporting problems with backgrounds not showing 
> up and now this. Try deleting the mythtvmediacenter directory entirely 
> and replacing it with the contents of the tar ball. I havent worked with 
> the rpms but there is no real installation for themes. Mythfrontend 
> simply detects which ones are in the themes directory and allows you to 
> choose between them. Keep in mind i have only tested these themes with 
> cvs, so I don't exactly know what they look like in .16(or earlier). I 
> know that location attributes were added to some elements after .16 was 
> released, so these will not show up correctly in .16. However I can 
> guarantee the MythWeb theme will not work at all (if you were planning 
> on using that).

I'm having display problems with your theme too... what I've seen of it
looks great though :-). Basically the whole main screen is green, with
only the active button visible, and there is no indicator for the active
recording in screens like Upcoming and Watch Recordings. I've tried
wiping out the whole theme and re-downloading the tarball, everything I
could think of. I'm running the .16 debs of myth from ubuntu, and
getting your theme from your site.


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