[mythtv-users] Re: Building a myth box, wanna look over my components?

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Wed Dec 15 21:25:16 UTC 2004

Mike Isely wrote:
> I will do more testing with 2.6.9-ac14 and see if anything has improved.
> It may take a while.  Even with these problems I can still get uptimes of
> several weeks so it's pretty hard to get something statistically
> significant without a lot of testing time.
> With all that said, clearly I am not going to recommend nforce2 boards so
> long as I'm still having problems with mine.  But your mileage may vary...
>   -Mike

Yikes.  You sound like you're having other problems.  All I can suggest 
is fundamentals.

The holy trinity of PCs: Power Supply/Power Source, Memory, Motherboard

Assuming you have a half decent PSU, because AMD stuff requires min of 
350W, you could look into wether you have brownout conditions due to
overloading or perhaps dirty power due to some other appliance or a
noisy circuit.  I've seen perfectly good hardware act completely wacko
when the circuit was too heavily loaded.

Memory falls to memtest86+.  This catches most, if not all, memory issues.

Motherboard.  I'm not a huge fan of Abit.  Their quality of the years 
has been variable.  Maybe you could check your board for leaking caps. 
Instability in the power circuit would cause issues with stability.
My first myth system was on a box with bad caps and caused me no end of 
stress and grief.  Replacing the MB and CPU with NF2 fixed it.  Later I
replaced the caps on the "bad" board and now it runs like a champ.

Good luck tracking down your problem.


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