[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase configuration question

stan stanb at panix.com
Wed Dec 15 16:48:09 UTC 2004

I'm installing KnoppMyth V4R5 after a failed attempt at upgrading from V4R2
on a working machine. Probably because I had non default file system

In any case, it's going pretty well, but the first issue I have run into
involves getting my lineup data. I do have a Data Direct account, and it
was working on the old machine. During the graphical setup, I was asked for
my user name and password, and the system was able to determine what channel
lineup I needed from that.

But, after leaving the graphical setup, when it tried to run
mythfilldatabase, I kept getting an error 401 (not authorized), yet at the
same time it was telling me when my subscription expires (correctly). I've
been able to get the database filed using a little script left over from the
older system that uses the dd grabber to get data and  then uses
mythfilldatabase to lad from the resultant file. However when I do this, I
get a complaint form nythfilldatabse saying that I should not run the dd
grabber directly, but should use it's built in dd functionality. So, I guess
there must be a place I need to put the user ID and password? Or am I
doing something else wrong?

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