[mythtv-users] Flickering and refresh rate

RL Rudger.Lundberg at gmx.de
Wed Dec 15 16:06:27 UTC 2004

Yesterday, I managed to install mythtv with a couple of great plugins and am 
quite happy with it.  Nevertheless, there are some problems:

1) When I playback a recording, the screen flickers heavily.  It does not, when 
I'm watching live TV.  I can also playback the recording with mplayer without 

I'm running version 0.16 on a shuttle PC under X11 (Xorg) without directfb 
support.  The graphics adapter is an i810 with 32MB.  My grabber is a Nova-T 
DVB (PAL) card.  I use the VGA input of my LCD TV.  The video mode is 640x480, 

Is this a known issue ?  What can I do to debug or fix the problem ?

2) The quality is a little worse (unsharp) then from my DVB-T set top box.

What can do to improve the quality ?  Are there filters to sharpen the image ?
I have tried the different deinterlacing filters but that does not seem to be 
the problem.

Does the mismatching refresh rate have to with this problem ?  Should I try to 
setup a 640x480x50 or 640x480x100 mode ?

3) The picture seems to buck when there are slow constant movements.  This 
seems to be due to mismatching vertical refresh rates.  Do you agree ?

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