[mythtv-users] UK Sky FTV Hardware reqs

Will egroups at klubbing.com
Tue Dec 14 22:46:47 UTC 2004

> Hi All,
> I'm getting poor DVB-T reception so I'm thinking of upgrading to a sky 
> non-subscription system. I've read that
> Free-To-Air channels do not require a decoding card, but that Free-To-View 
> channels do require one.
> I was wondering if anyone could confirm exactly what hardware is required 
> to receive Sky FTV for use with
> MythTV.
> I've read that The Nexus-S can decode FTV channels (without a CAM module), 
> but the Nova-S can't. I've also
> read that the CI modules for the Nexus-S is incompatible with Sky. Can 
> anyone connfirm or correct these?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

Check here: http://www.wickonline.com/fta.htm

>From that site, my understanding is that the only channels you get extra 
with a 'free to view' viewing card are ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

I also believe that 'free to view' cards only work on the Sky digibox 
(probably because they use Seca 2 scrambling or something), and not on any 
PC card with CAM reader.

You have 2 options in my opinion:

Sky do a 'free to view' install with digibox for about 150 all in. You 
could get this, and use an infrared transmitter to change the channels on 
the digibox to get the appropriate channels (however obviously your mythbox 
would re-encode the signal and you would get a loss in quality).

Get a standard DVB-S card and get all 'free to air' channels apart from the 
3 mentioned above. Use in conjuction with your DVB-T card to get all 
channels (DVB-T also has some channels that DVB-S doesn't).

Just for reference (I am not endorsing this site as I've never used it), but 
the following place seems to have a good selection of (cheap?) dishes etc.. 

Hope this helps,


PS. I'd get a FTA system running if only the other half let me stick a dish 
on the front of the house!! 

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