[mythtv-users] Strange X behavior with nvidia drivers

Paul Hamm paulhamm at verizon.net
Tue Dec 14 17:41:29 UTC 2004

No joy, I seem to have the same issue with 6111.  BTW I had to download
and install the nvidia drivers manually as 6111 and 6106 both give this
error if you use atrpms.

nvidia: Unknown symbol __VMALLOC_RESERVE

the fix is to unpack the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111-pkg1.run and edit
nv.c by adding the following line below the Global state comment.

unsigned int __VMALLOC_RESERVE;

I also tried Jarods tip of adding, which did nothing.

Option      "ConnectedMonitor" "crt"

I will drop the FC2 hard drive back in an see if I get the same

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 09:31, Doug Larrick wrote:
> Paul Hamm wrote:
> > I am currently going through an OS upgrade cycle to FC3.  One of my
> > machines has a Chaintech 7nif2 igp system board 512mb XP 3200+.  This
> > machine has been my test box for mythtv.  I was planning to switch it
> > over to my primary work station and change my work station over to a
> > mythtv server.  After installing FC3 (everything) and running apt-get
> > dist-upgrade, install KDE 3.3, latest FC3 kernel, and nvidia drivers.  I
> > noticed something odd.  I usually run my workstation at 1280x1024.  The
> > machine with the 7nif2 has always been run at 1024x768.  Now I want it
> > to run at 1280x1024, it does so using the nv driver.  The problem is
> > that if I use the nvidia driver 6629 I only get 1024x768 on the display
> > with a virtual 1280x1024.  Is this a known issue or am I missing
> > something blindingly obvious?
> IIRC 6629 fixes some bugs in the code that reads resolution information 
> from the monitor.  Try adding Option IgnoreEDID in the appropriate 
> location (sorry, not in front of me).
> You're lucky, though...  6629 is completely hosed for people with cards 
> earlier than about an FX5200.
> -Doug
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