[mythtv-users] ivtv driver, which version are you using?

Juan C. Gallardo jgamo at cantv.net
Tue Dec 14 15:15:49 UTC 2004


I am having some troubles with my ivtv driver.

If I use mythtv over my nvidia, then I get troubles recording. If I try 
to record two or three things in the same day, the driver hangs up, 
giving some dma erro.

If I try to use the pvr-350 output, after some minutes the computer 
hangs out, completely.

So I am guessing that this should be a ivtv driver related problem.

Those of you who use the driver, could you be so kind to tell me which 

I have tried with ivtv-0.2.0-rc2[g z] and ivtv-0.2.0-rc3[  b]

Should I try something different?

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