[mythtv-users] modifying recorded program descriptions

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Dec 13 17:48:12 UTC 2004

mielikki-ivtv wrote:

> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>> I'd suggest installing phpmyadmin and using that to edit the DB.  You 
>> can use it to edit the specific fields you want without fear of 
>> breaking things in general.
> Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm pretty comfortable with the MySQL 
> command line so I'm not sure what phpMyAdmin would buy me.
> My concern is about maintaining database integrity.
> Some of the database integrity is enforced by the database (for 
> example, no duplicate primary keys, 'role' can only be certain values) 
> -- that I don't have to worry about because (1) it's more or less 
> documented in the scheme and (2) I'll get errors if I do something wrong.
> Some of it is enforced by the application (for example, starttime < 
> endtime). These rules aren't really expressed anywhere but in the 
> source code and I don't trust myself not to miss something in there. I 
> want to make sure I don't violate any of the database integrity rules 
> that are usually enforced by the application.
> I can't imagine there are any that pertain to recorded.title or 
> recorded.subtitle, but I can't be sure of that, either.

I've changed recording descriptions without penalty before.  I don't 
believe there are any restrictions on that.  If you change the title, 
however, max episode expiration may not work right currently as it keys 
off of title.


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