[mythtv-users] Frontends all around the house

cythraul cythrault at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 22:01:02 UTC 2004


For sometime now, I've been running MythTV in the living room and the
experience has been great. Now, I'd like to add more frontends in the
house but I'm stuck with hardware decisions.

Currently, my backend is also my main file server running on a used
PowerEdge 1400 server with p3/800 cpu witch is enough for my DVB card.
The (current) frontend is a clone p3/866 with an Nvidia MX440 and a
9gig HD.

The only problem with this setup is the lack of remote control. I have
to use my wireless keyboard. While I never lost it like a regular
remote control, it's cumbersome. :)

The backends holds my archived mp3, dvd and recordings as well as my
dvd writer when the HD capacity reaches a critical point. :)

After much googling(tm), I found myself with more questions then
answers so I thought I'd ask this mailing list.

I'm looking for something cheap with a as-small-as-possible footprint
(for example an openbrick or one of mini-itx.com's projects) while
getting enough CPU for mpeg4 processing.

Living in an apartment, I'd rather not add more cabling to the place
so a Wi-Fi setup would be ideal _and_ portable. My Wi-Fi router is a
802.11g, I believe it's enough bandwidth even for LiveTV but I rarely
use this feature; I record everything and watch what I want when it's
TV time. Else, MythVideo is my friend.

Just the thought of only plugging power and A/V cables is soothing. :)

Eliminating the need for a hard drive would also be great. Booting
from LAN or from a CF (tho, expensive solution) would be great.
Optionally, for a frontend, KnoppMyth could boot on CD but cdroms can
be noisy.

Speaking of KnoppMyth, I realise that this frontend box would also
need to be widely supported by the community, I've read that Epia 6000
boxes suffer a Unichrome driver issue (I have read as much as I'd like
on this issue.)

So, in short, does a small, cheap, wi-fi (fanless?) box with enough cpu exist?

Optionally, a pre-assembled box would be great. I've been building PCs
for years now and frankly, I'm tired of it. But if price is an issue,
I'm prepared for it. :)


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