[mythtv-users] displaying widescreen TV on a 4:3 video card

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Dec 12 17:01:56 UTC 2004

   I also had that problem (although with a savage chipset built in to 
my motherboard).  When I used the vesa drivers the output worked, but 
stretched (and the 'W' key had no effect).  The vesa drivers also 
caused mythtv to complain about the lack of "XV" support.  When I used 
the savage drivers, the TV didn't sync.

   The solution for me was to use the savage drivers and use the 
"NoBios" option.  This allowed the savage driver to work, and then 
mythtv was then able to handle the re-scaling.  It also no longer 
complained about the lack of "XV" support.

   I guess that you need to check if you have "XV" support in your 
drivers working, but that's a guess :).


Will        :-}

On 05/12/2004, at 6:20 PM, Jason Lewis wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been struggling with this problem....
> My myth box has a DVB capture card, and a Geforce4 MX graphics card. 
> It turns out that DVB comes in in some sort of wide screen, 16:9 or 
> something, and the graphics card I have can only do 4:3 TV-out.
> Is there a way to get Mythtv to resize and add letterbox to the output 
> so I can see the whole picture on my TV?
> I have tried the W key, but it does not have an appropriate mode. The 
> closest is the 16:9 stretch, but that crops the left and right edges 
> of the picture.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jason
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