[mythtv-users] 2 buttons on remote not working, ivtv, 250

Matt Picker mpicker21 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 01:23:22 UTC 2004

So I am sitting here getting all my ducks in a row
waiting for the arrival of the next MythTV release so
I can take full advantage of my epia hardware decoding
and I am running into a little snag with my remote

I emerged the latest ivtv drivers from portage and am
still waiting to see if the video is going to work.
I've never had a problem getting that to work.  But
when I followed the guide on the ivtv site about
getting the remote working using the ir_kbd module and
assigning that set of codes to it to get all the
buttons working.  I got all of the input configuration
done and all of the buttons show up when I do the
input-event command.  However when I set up lirc and
did irw my channelup and channeldown buttons don't
show up.  I used the lircd.conf off of the guide.  I
noticed that those two definitions are way at the
bottom with a bunch of others that have the same code.
 What code should that be to make it come out right? 
I am sure someone else out there has run into this.


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