[mythtv-users] Getting HD3000 to work with MythTV

john roberts homepagez at lycos.com
Sun Dec 12 13:18:16 UTC 2004

Well - the drivers are loaded and the dtvsignal tool is reporting a strong signal.  But when I go to "WatchTV" I get the msg (in the logs) "Signal to weak/etc" and it flips over to my PVR-250.

I'm running a CVS build of Dec 11th and I have gone under myth-setup and added the new HD3000 with the correct /dev/video* (video35 in my case).

Also - what is all this talk about the HD3000 requiring a physical audio line out and then back into the system's audio line in card in order to get MythTV audio to work?

I'm starting to wish I had a 2nd HD2000 card (which has been working fine for months).


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