[mythtv-users] Resolution for PAL analgue TV

Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Sun Dec 12 11:31:00 UTC 2004

I use 480x480 for my analogue card.

I've found myth/drivers to be unstable at any other resolution - i.e.
you get crashes in the backend and eventually you have to reboot.

My DVB card records at whatever resolution the signal is transmitted at,
so usually 720x576.

Lachlan McIntosh


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> >I'm in Australia so I'm using PAL. I read that the recording 
> >dimensions
> >PAL should be 720 wide x 576 high, but when I do this I notice that 
> >it
> >a lot more CPU (20% more) and the picture quality improvement is only

> >marginal. Is 720 x 576 right?
> >
> Yes, I believe that is the correct resolution for PAL.  Where exactly 
> are you setting this resolution - as you state below, X doesn't like 
> resolutions that aren't available on your video card.

In the mythtv ASettings -->T Vsettings --> Recording Profiles -->
Software Encoders on the Image Size screen.

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