[mythtv-users] X over PVR-350

Josh Sharpe climbsomething at cox.net
Sun Dec 12 06:16:10 UTC 2004

I posted something about this a week ago but didn't get much help and am
still stuck.  I'm following Jarod Wilson's FC2 HOW-TO w/ PVR-350 TV-out. I'm
at the point where I'm attempting to reload X over the 350's TV-out.  I've
edited xorg.conf to my specific settings and when I hit crtl-alt-backspace
it kills off KDE and a blank screen comes up.

I have changed the PCI slot the 350 is in since my last post so that the
address of the card is 0:09.0 instead of 0:0b.0 which I thought might be
causing trouble, but it's still not working.

In the xorg.conf I have "0:0x09:0" and "/dev/fb0" (which is the buffer my
card is on)


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