[mythtv-users] Re: RAID5 ATA IDE hardware card recommendations for mythbackend machine

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Sat Dec 11 10:53:55 UTC 2004

Brad Templeton wrote:

>Why would you want to do RAID for a backup machine?  Assuming we are
>talking disks full of backups, you already have 2 copies of that data,
>so you are not in trouble if a drive fails, you just put up a new one
>and backup the original data again.
>RAID is for systems that need to be always up, that dare not be taken
>down to replace a drive etc.  That's not true of backup servers.
Partially true. I run a mirror set on some of my backup drives. Reason: 
I keep incremental backups (in diff form) for half a year. Doing that on 
a mirror pair takes care i do not lose my changes made during the past 
half year in case 1 disk dies.



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