[mythtv-users] Some questions about HDTV recording

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Sat Dec 11 01:09:54 UTC 2004

Hey all,

I'm considering adding a PCHDTV card to my MythTV setup, and have a few 
questions about it before I order the card.

1) How does recording schedulding work for HDTV? My PVR-250's are hooked 
up to the local cable feed; the PCHDTV card will be set up for OTA. If a 
show is available via both HDTV and cable, how do I tell it I prefer the 
HDTV version?

2) Is it possible to set up separate transcoding profiles for the HDTV 
card than the standard cards? I'd like to be able to transcode the HDTV, 
but still preserve the AC3 audio and such. I was really impressed with a 
XVid show I grabbed via BitTorrent - it was ~300mb for a 20min show with 
AC3 audio, and looked great on my 50" TV! Don't see any reason to keep 
files that are 1gb/10min around.  :)

3) Are there any other got'chas I need to worry about?

Thanks for any comments!

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