[mythtv-users] Getting Myth running with an HDTV

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Dec 10 19:20:09 UTC 2004

Pete wrote:
> Yeah, I've seen some of them, but wanted some assurances.

If you search for "540pw" you'll likely find the mode I use most often 
(on my direct-view CRT).

> VGA->Component Adaptor

This is (besides straight VGA) the easiest to get working, in my experience.

> And the TV is a Tosshiba rear projection (no DVI in though), that's why I 
> asked. It can do all the HD modes (so says the manual), which is why I wanted 
> to make sure picking on and sticking with it is good enough.

Is it a CRT projector, LCD, or DLP?  If it's not a CRT, it has a native 
resolution and you should use that; anything else will be slightly 
fuzzy.  Even if it's a CRT, it may well convert 720p to 1080i or vice versa.

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