[mythtv-users] Getting Myth running with an HDTV

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Dec 10 18:08:29 UTC 2004

Pete wrote:
> 1. Does anyone have a good way to generate modelines and configuration for a 
> 1280 x 720 output? I'm going to hook this up through my Nvidia 5500 and play 
> both regular TV and HD (when my pcHDTV 3000 shows up) through it. 

Do some Google searches, and/or search the MythTV archives.  The HDTV 
modes are standard. 
http://www.sllug.org/how-to/linux-htpc/video_card_configuration.html is 
a good starting point; also see Jarod's pages.

How are you planning to connect the PC to the HDTV?  VGA direct? 
VGA->Component adaptor?  DVI?

> 2. Is 1280 x 720 the best choice for resolution? Obviously here in the US, so 
> I'm curious to know if I'm missing something.

It depends on your TV.  If it's a plasma or LCD with 720p as its native 
resolution, then yes, 1280x720 is what you want.  If it's a CRT with 
1080i as its native resolution, you probably want 1080i (or 540p, or 
"540pw", which is 1920x540).  Or if it's a plasma or projector with some 
other native resolution, use that and let the video card do all the scaling.

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