[mythtv-users] nuvexport mpeg2-mpeg2 error

Mark H mheg1 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 16:16:24 UTC 2004

  I am trying to get nuvexport "mpeg2-mpeg2 cut" to
work. I am getting this error when I try to run it.  
Only thing I can think of is that ffmpeg came from a
deb file.  It lvemux it says to copy lvemux's version
of mpeg.c to ffmpeg's before compliling ffmpeg, but
there isn't one included with lvemux.
  Not sure if problem/error is caused by lvemux or
mpeg2cut or what. Tried to find a new version of
mpeg2cut, but have no idea where or even if that is
the problem.

mythtv-knoppmyth (debian)
ffmpeg 0.4.6 (from debian apt-get)
mpeg2cut (dunno, less doesn't give version)

Choose a function, or episode(s) to remove:  c
Where would you like to export the files to? [.]

Now encoding:  The Bourne Identity:  Untitled
Encode started:  Fri Dec 10 08:08:59 2004
Using mode X
OutFile "./The Bourne Identity.mpg"
Last GOP index 18388
Cutlist "-19580 28639-52360 61383-80157 88449-123782
131013-148305 151457-176613 185667-205490
214976-229766 238849-241634 242558-264961 273903-"
Finding the AV Offset to use with
lvemux:/usr/local/bin/mpeg2cut: line 86: -1 * : syntax
error: operand expected (error token is " ")

Encode finished:  Fri Dec 10 08:08:59 2004
Encode lasted: 0s

Thanks in advance

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