[mythtv-users] Frequencies

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Dec 10 02:44:36 UTC 2004

Robert wrote:

>Yea.. but does not solve my problem.   The Tuner in my PVR-250 does tune
>to the correct frequency based on normal channel numbers.  I need to be
>able to control the frequency that is passed to the tuner... In other
>words, I need to  have a Custom Channel to frequency table.  OR buy an
>older PVR 250 with a better supported tuner.
Check the documentation:


Note the section on the --xawchannels option to mythfilldatabase.  Also, 
I posted this just two days ago to the list in answer to another 
question about finetuning so you might try searching the list archives 
before posting.


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