[mythtv-users] Consecutive programs, dual tuners

Martin Brown Martin.Brown at macquarie.com
Fri Dec 10 00:34:30 UTC 2004

If I have 2 programs set to record (on the same channel) and have 2 tuners, it would be great if the
first program was recorded from one tuner card with a programmed delayed finish and the second 
program recorded on the second tune card (possibly with a programmed early start).

As it is at the moment, the end of one program will be recorded at the start of the second program
slot if it runs over time. This is not so bad - until I delete the second program and lose the last
bit of the first one, or if I want to transcode the first program.

Program 1 advertised:	|---------------------|
Program 2 advertised:	                      |---------------------|
Program 1 actual:	   |---------------------|
Program 2 actual:	                         |----------------------|

Card 1:			|---------------------|----------------------------|

Instead do:
Card 1:			|---------------------------|
Card 2:			                      |-------------------------------|


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