[mythtv-users] [OT] Mailing Lists...

Brian LeFevre blefevre at ida.net
Thu Dec 9 20:46:33 UTC 2004

John Andersen wrote:

>On Monday 06 December 2004 13:25, Steve Berryman wrote:
>>i also think that a forum for this kind of stuff would be better. it
>>makes it easier to keep track of threads as well rather then trying to
>>sort all your email
>If sorting mail is challenging for you, how on earth do you manage
>to get mythtv up and running?
>My god man, mail readers have been sorting mail since 1978 
>compuserve dial up days.
I never thought I would be beaten up so bad by posting my thoughts.  I 
have been reading the list (through mail) for about a year now. I have 
been participating since march (according to gossamer-threads 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/engine?user=3414;list=mythtv ).  
In fact the main reason I joined was to have this discussion.  I would 
imagine that others who feel the same way I do are not signed up to the 
list.  They just read the threads.

I would have to agree there are many advantages to using a mailing 
list.  There is more exposure to individual "posts."  If someone put a 
bad title in a forum it will never be read.  Mailing lists are very easy 
to use off line (or online as our gmail overlords have mentioned).

I have been running linux for ~6 years.  I maintain 3 Myth boxes (one of 
my own).  I would consider mythTV very simple to get up and running for 
me.  It is not hard to qmake, make ....  It is just the dependency hell 
that makes it difficult for many (hence great tools like apt-get emerge 
and urpmi)

I am just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the mailing list.  I have 
now started reading gossamer-threads, junking my pop email downloads and 
find the one post I want to reply to (It isn't difficult to create a 
filter of (if [mythtv-users] deliver to trash).  My ISP just recently 
raised the inbox limit so I am not so hard pressed to download my email 

I appreciate the ideas of popping it down to my linux box and then 
serving them back as imap.  I have never thought of that.  I may look 
into it.

I will continue to use the list.  I will give help to people who ask for 
it and I know the solution.  I am not angered by using the email list 
just overwhelmed.  If my comments were harsh to you I apologize.  I was 
just doing what I told myself I would do after I signed up for the 
mailing list.

PS Thanks for the info about the date (my wife uses the Microsoft 
calendar (from the clock) to schedule her life and sometimes she forgets 
to return it to the correct day (or in this case year).
PPS  Compuserve started email in 1979 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compuserve (and I don't know if it sorted 
email, I know "I" can't do it in pine)

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