[mythtv-users] hd2000 / dtvscan / strange output

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Dec 9 19:46:02 UTC 2004

clemens at dwf.com wrote:

> In any case, the thing that seems just WRONG is the line
>     dtv unit v4l minor = 1297516246

I get this too, on my working hd-3000 system.

You don't say what driver revision you're using.  The new 
(out-of-kernel-tree) drivers released for the HD-2000 don't seem to 
work; you'll have better luck with the older drivers (the ones that 
patch the kernel source).

OTOH, If you made a typo and it's really an HD-3000 card, make sure 
you're using the latest drivers (1.4).

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