[mythtv-users] Impossible to choose Motherboard?

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Thu Dec 9 17:50:58 UTC 2004

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 11:23:22AM +1100, Craig Read wrote:
> I'm using an AMD Athlon 2800+ cpu, but I think the principle is the 
> same.  I chose an Albatron nForce2 motherboard (KM18G-Pro2) with 
> on-board video (nvidia GeForce4 MX440), audio (6 channel with digital 
> out), networking, firewire, etc.  I wanted an all-in-one motherboard to 
> keep the cost of the system down.  When I get around to replacing it, 
> I'll probably go for a board without the video and use a GeForce FX5200 
> (the MX440 doesn't seem to have any sort of mpeg decoder and it 
> struggles with HD signals on my Twinhan card).
> I'd definitely recommend going for a nForce chipset as I've had zero 
> problems with it.  If you want "ok" quality audio, get one with it 
> on-board and save a few dollars.  If you want "great" quality audio, 
> skip the on-board and look at one of the Creative THX certified cards.

With digital output on the motherboard, there's really no reason to add a
sound card if you're using SD MPEG-2 hardware compression or HD capture
cards.  I have a PVR350 and an M179 on an FIC AU13, with the optical S/PDIF
output on the motherboard connected to a surround receiver.  (The
motherboard also includes a coax output.) Audio is captured and compressed
on the capture boards; there's no analog audio path off of these cards.  A
better sound card might make a difference if you're using something like a
cheap Bt878-based capture card, but replacing that with a hardware-
compression card would (IMHO) be a better upgrade.

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