[mythtv-users] Mythvideo - tvtomb

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 14:58:54 UTC 2004

At 12:00 09/12/2004, you wrote:
>Ryszard wrote:
>>Is there a utility out there that will grab series info from tv tomb
>>and stick it in the myth database?
>>if not, is this a utility that many people would use?  I record a lot
>>of series that i archive off host (but available to myth on a mounted
>>FS) in a filename format something like the.west.wing.s06e07.hdtv.
>>i think it would bepretty simple to write a paser to get this and grab
>>some info from tvtomb on each EP.
>>If such a util exists could someone point me to it? if it doesnt i
>>will certainly write it for me anyways, but will publish it if people
>>would use it.
>I'm guessing you're talking about tvtome.com and not tvtomb.com.  I have 
>no idea if anything like this exists yet, but I'd certainly be interested 
>in having a play with it if you create something.
>One thing that's a consideration though, is there is quite a bit of text 
>info about each episode.  It might be too much to display all of it (at 
>least for some episodes) on a TV screen through mythfrontend.  But it 
>"should" be fairly simple to link it into mythweb.  Take a look at 
>and you'll see what I mean about the amount of text.
>Is there a wishlist around for the next version of MythTV?  Maybe a 
>scrollable text area for episode info could be created.

I'm definitely interested in a scraper for TVTome, and have even 
contemplated learning PERL/taking the IMDB scraper to bits to figure out 
how to do it - alas, have had very little spare time recently what with 
moving house an' all.

However, I don't really envisage it as something I'd use within MythTV 
proper (if that's what you were getting at) - my xmltv feed (radio times) 
already gives me adequate information about what's showing, and hundreds of 
Myth users bombarding the TVT website every day would make them wise up 
pretty sharpish.

I do however have about 400 episodes of various TV shows from my DVD rips 
sitting in my mythvideo repository (another box set of Futurama rendering 
away as we speak), and filling in the metadata by hand was such a chore 
that I gave up.

As an aside, what do you reckon would be the best approach for the "poster" 
window? I know that MythVideo expects the image to be at a certain aspect 
ratio; should it just grab a generic $TV_SHOW_LOGO from somewhere, or 
render a semi-random frame from within the file itself...? 

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