[mythtv-users] Mythvideo - tvtomb

Craig Read craigread at csi.com
Thu Dec 9 12:00:35 UTC 2004

Ryszard wrote:

>Is there a utility out there that will grab series info from tv tomb
>and stick it in the myth database?
>if not, is this a utility that many people would use?  I record a lot
>of series that i archive off host (but available to myth on a mounted
>FS) in a filename format something like the.west.wing.s06e07.hdtv.
>i think it would bepretty simple to write a paser to get this and grab
>some info from tvtomb on each EP.
>If such a util exists could someone point me to it? if it doesnt i
>will certainly write it for me anyways, but will publish it if people
>would use it.
I'm guessing you're talking about tvtome.com and not tvtomb.com.  I have 
no idea if anything like this exists yet, but I'd certainly be 
interested in having a play with it if you create something.

One thing that's a consideration though, is there is quite a bit of text 
info about each episode.  It might be too much to display all of it (at 
least for some episodes) on a TV screen through mythfrontend.  But it 
"should" be fairly simple to link it into mythweb.  Take a look at 
and you'll see what I mean about the amount of text.

Is there a wishlist around for the next version of MythTV?  Maybe a 
scrollable text area for episode info could be created.


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