[mythtv-users] PVR250, Charter cable wierd channel freqs]

Robert myth at robertc.de
Thu Dec 9 03:13:49 UTC 2004

Tonight I got MythTV-0.16 running with a PVR250 model 980 card. 
Everything works except that the system seems to be using different
frequencies than are on my cable.  I had a similar experience with
ivtv-0.2.0 last night.  This card works fine under Windows but under Linux
did not seem to find channels when tuning by channel number.  Using a
script that steps through frequency settings with one of the ivtv
utilities I found that the card does receive all channels but they show up
on frequencies that don't match any of the cable charts.

Example: (note, freqs may be slightly off since the script went in 100 khz
Channel 3 is 88000
Channel 4 is 95000
Channel 5 is 107000
My cable provider is Charter.   Has anyone experienced this before or have
any ideas on how it can be resolved ?  Can the frequencies be manually
entered in a table?  A scan of the sql db didn't show anything but maybe
it was overlooked

Thanks for any advise,

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