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Vince LaMonica vjl at vjl.org
Wed Dec 8 23:23:21 UTC 2004

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, John Andersen wrote:

} On Tuesday 07 December 2004 10:18, myth joe wrote:
} > I recommended POPping the email off of gmail.  That way you can use
} > your email client of choice.
} Why?
} You are running Linux!  Why pop from anywhere?
} I don't know a single distro that does not come
} with Sendmail or Postfix or some MTA.

Postfix, qmail, and Sendmail have nothing to do with POP3. In fact, using
POP3 to get e.mail from another provider [eg: gmail], just about requires
your to be using an MTA of some sort, unless you also set your MUA to
point to your ISP's mail server. While I perfer IMAP, using POP3 does not
mean someone can't run their own mail server - it simply means they are
using an address that does not exist on their particular computer. If they
were to use an address on their own system, they would need to have their
computer on 24 hours a day, and have their ISP provide them with a static
IP address, and have an ISP that allows users to run mail servers. Most
IPS require a small business class account to use such features.

There is nothing wrong with POP3'ing or IMAP'ing your mail to your local
linux box when your box is turned on, and using your own MUA of choice
[Mozilla, Thunderbird, KMail, mh, Pine, etc].

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