[mythtv-users] Lightweight window manager recommendation

Preston Crow pc-mythtv04 at crowcastle.net
Wed Dec 8 18:30:14 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 13:16, Darren Boyd wrote:
> I'm using Ratpoison with much success.  Myth is able to use the 'window 
> size' and 'window position' configuration properties with Ratpoison, 
> which never seemed to work in KDE.  Also, I could never get KDE to save 
> the window settings for mythfrontend so I had to manually turn off the 
> borders every restart.
> I think I am missing something here, why is xrandr important?

If you're using HDTV, you need xrandr to display 1080i and 720p
natively.  Otherwise, you have to scale one to the other.


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