[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 3000 Which video card to use with

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 16:23:18 UTC 2004

--- sschaefer1 at woh.rr.com wrote:

> What about a PCI version of this video card,
> assuming one is available. I already have an AGP
> card in my Linux box used for a specific purpose and
> not fast enough for other purposes, but to support
> the pcHDTV 3000 playbacks would a PCI version of
> this video card work?

I had a dramatic improvement when I went from an AGP
4x nVidia card to an AGP 8x one.  While YMMV, I
suspect a PCI card is out of its league when playing
HDTV content -- especially if using Xv (which works
with Myth) instead of XvMC (which doesn't).

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