[mythtv-users] EPIA-M Unichrome xvmc vld

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Wed Dec 8 15:54:50 UTC 2004

Adam Felson wrote:
> unichrome is now part of Xorg.  I got it simply by building getting
> X/cvs from x.org.
Yes, but personally I think it's much better for people to be using 
released versions of X, with CVS versions of the unichrome driver.

Correct the unichrome driver is now regularly copied over to the x.org 
cvs tree, and so when there is a new x release, whatever the version of 
unichrome that has been copied over will be included, so a lot of users 
will get the unichrome support "for free".

...however, the unichrome driver is frequently being updated, so for 
cutting edge apps that are using the 'being developed' features such as 
MythTV it makes sense to be using the bleeding edge version of the 
unichrome driver and be prepared to keep it regularly updated.


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