[mythtv-users] Is my pvr-250 fried?

Tom E. Craddock, Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Wed Dec 8 13:27:11 UTC 2004

Josiah Royse wrote:

>On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 06:53:59 -0600, Byron Williams
><williamsbyron at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>>I have a PVR-250. An older model that came with the black remote. It was
>>installed on a myth system using Fedora Core 1. After about a month or 2 of
>>use the myth system wouldn't play live TV anymore. I'd just get a black
>>screen. I looked at it, but I don't know anything about Linux so I decided
>>to just reinstall with Fedora Core 3 to see if the card was fried.
>This is just a general suggestion- Try booting using one of the
>knoppix type run-off-the-cdrom MythTv discs.  This will allow you to
>hopefully eliminate your operating system as the problem at let your
>concentration focus on possible hardware problems.
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No, your card isnt fried.  With FC3, there are some differences as to 
how dev act.  Now, at boot, all the dev links are made by udev I think.  
You have to modify your udev rules so it will make the dev/video0 on 
boot.  If you were to reinstall FC3 and MythTV again, youd see your card 
is ok till you reboot.  Once you reboot, you loose the links to 
/dev/video0. I havent figured it out yet myself, I just remebered it 
when I rebooted last night in FC3 the first time and mythbackend gave me 
the same errors your getting, and I dont know what exactly to put in the 
udev rules, so I hope someone that knows the answer will chime in.  Or 
tell me Im completely wrong about this.

Tom E. Craddock, Jr.
sigtom at sigotm.com

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