[mythtv-users] Can't schedule recordings after upgrade

Christopher Holmes chris.monkey at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 02:46:37 UTC 2004

I recently upgraded to mythtv-0.16-82.2.rhfc1.at.  I'm running FC1 and
installed from Jarod's guide a while back.  Now I can't schedule any

Shows I had scheduled before the update don't show up in the "upcoming
recordings" screen.  It says "You haven't scheduled any programs..."

When I schedule a recording from the guide, after I hit "save these
settings" the guide shows "Not Recording".  If I go back to the
recording screen, it shows up as "Do not record this program"

Everything else seems to work fine, though the settings in setup went
back to default with the upgrade.  I had to re-setup some paths & the
theme.  Recordings that were already complete are still there and

When I try to schedule a recording, the backend log shows:
2004-12-07 21:20:10 Found changes in the todo list.
2004-12-07 21:20:11 Scheduled 0 items in 1.3932 seconds

The frontend log doesn't show anything.

I poked around the database and I see entries for lots of shows that I
had setup before the upgrade.  I ram myisamchk on the database files
and didn't find any problems.

Any idea what the problem could be or where else to look?


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